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Diving Holidays to The Galapagos Islands: Departures / Availability


Diving Holidays to The Galapagos Islands: Sample Programme


MV Galapagos Sky's itinerary offers a total of approx. 19 dives It offers 4 land excursions, and covers 565.5 nautical miles of ocean. It has only one very long navigation (15 hours from Wolf to North Seymour). It also places Darwin & Wolf Islands closer to the end of the trip, and finishes the diving with 2 really great dive sites (North Seymour & Gordon's rocks) that our guests won't forget. It also allows flexibility with our timing, in case of any delays during the trip. It allows us an extra day nearby an airport at the beginning of the trip in case of delayed luggage or passengers.

When the TAME or AEROGAL flight is scheduled for early arrival, our Galapagos Sky crew will escort all guests to the Galapagos Interpretation Center after being greeted at the airport and before boarding the Galapagos Sky. This gives our guests a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the oceanography and volcanic origins, plus a very nice exhibit on the human history of the Galapagos Islands.

Sunday:Guests are welcomed aboard at approx. 1:00. After a short period of relaxation and adjustment there is a briefing and mandatory "check out dive" at Isla Lobos. A land walk at Isla Lobos is also scheduled. Dinner at 7:00 pm followed by Orientation Slide Show. Each weekday morning is greeted with morning beverage service to your stateroom and a breakfast cooked to order. Lunch is always buffet, but an elegant dinner will be served to the table. Each evening provides an opportunity for entertainment, education or other diversion.

Monday:2 dives at Cousins Rock in the morning and a land excursion at Bartolome Island. Possible opportunity to snorkel with Penguins at Bartolome. Night dive at Cousins Rock.

Tuesday:Land walk at Punta Espinosa and possibly opportunities to snorkel with Marine Iguanas. 3 dives this day including Caleta Tagus Cove and Punta Vicente Roca, an excellent night dive.

Wednesday to Friday:These days will include diving at the remote Wolf and Darwin Islands with up to four or five dives per day on Wednesday and Thursday and two dives on Friday before returning to the Central islands.

Saturday:Two dives will be scheduled at North Seymour and possibly Gordon Rocks in the Morning with a visit to Puerta Ayora in the afternoon for shopping and a tour of the Charles Darwin Research Station.

Sunday:8:00 am departure is preceded by a continental breakfast buffet. Once guests disembark there is still an opportunity to visit the Interpretation Center at San Cristobal before boarding the flight back to Ecuador's mainland.

  SP: Special offer




January 2014
04 - 11 Jan Darwin Buddy 8
09 - 16 Jan Aggressor I 11
11 - 18 Jan Wolf Buddy 8
13 - 20 Jan Sp Humboldt Explorer 6
16 - 23 Jan Aggressor I 8
18 - 25 Jan Wolf Buddy 7
19 - 26 Jan Galapagos Sky 2
23 - 30 Jan Aggressor I 3
25 Jan - 01 Feb Darwin Buddy 4
26 Jan - 02 Feb SP Galapagos Sky 12
27 Jan - 03 Feb SP Humboldt Explorer 6
30 Jan - 06 Feb Aggressor I 12
February 2014
01 - 08 Feb Wolf Buddy 7
03 - 10 Feb Humboldt Explorer 7
08 - 15 Feb Darwin Buddy 4
09 - 16 Feb Galapagos Sky 6
10 - 17 Feb Humboldt Explorer 16
13 - 20 Feb Aggressor I 12
15 - 22 Feb Darwin Buddy 6
16 - 23 Feb SP Galapagos Sky 8
17 - 24 Feb Humboldt Explorer 16
23 Feb - 02 Mar SP Galapagos Sky 6
24 Feb - 03 Mar Humboldt Explorer 16
27 Feb - 06 Mar Aggressor I 7
March 2014
02 - 09 Mar Galapagos Sky 8
08 - 15 Mar Darwin Buddy 6
10 - 17 Mar Deep Blue 6
13 - 20 Mar Aggressor I 15
16 - 23 Mar Galapagos Sky 6
20 - 27 Mar Aggressor I 14
22 - 29 Mar Darwin Buddy 8
23 - 30 Mar Galapagos Sky 8
24 - 31 Mar Humboldt Explorer 4
27 Mar - 03 Apr Aggressor I 15
29 Mar - 05 Apr Darwin Buddy 10
30 Mar - 06 Apr Galapagos Sky 2
April 2014
03 - 10 Apr Aggressor I 13
06 - 13 Apr Galapagos Sky 8
07 - 14 Apr Deep Blue 16
10 - 17 Apr Aggressor I 14
13 - 20 Apr Galapagos Sky 6
17 - 24 Apr Aggressor I 14
20 - 27 Apr SP Galapagos Sky 10
21 - 28 Apr Deep Blue 16
May 2014
01 - 08 May Aggressor I 14
03 - 10 May Darwin Buddy 8
04 - 11 May Galapagos Sky 18
05 - 12 May Deep Blue 16
08 - 15 May Aggressor I 16
10 - 17 May Darwin Buddy 13
10 - 17 May Wolf Buddy 10
11 - 18 May SP Galapagos Sky 12
12 - 19 May Deep Blue 16
15 - 22 May Aggressor I 16
18 - 25 May Galapagos Sky 14
22 - 29 May Aggressor I 16
24 - 31 May Wolf Buddy 16
29 May - 05 Jun Aggressor I 13
31 May - 07 Jun Wolf Buddy 6
June 2014
01 - 08 Jun Galapagos Sky 16
05 - 12 Jun Aggressor I 16
07 - 14 Jun Wolf Buddy 16
08 - 15 Jun Galapagos Sky 18
09 - 16 Jun Humboldt Explorer 14
12 - 19 Jun Aggressor I 15
14 - 21 Jun Darwin Buddy 9
15 - 22 Jun Scubapro week Galapagos Sky 3
16 - 23 Jun Humboldt Explorer 8
19 - 26 Jun Aggressor I 16
22 - 29 Jun Galapagos Sky 16
23 - 30 Jun Humboldt Explorer 16
26 Jun - 03 Jul Aggressor I 4
29 Jun - 06 Jul Galapagos Sky Group only
30 Jun - 07 Jul Humboldt Explorer 14
July 2014
04 - 14 Jul Deep Blue 8
10 - 17 Jul Aggressor I 16
13 - 20 Jul Galapagos Sky 12
17 - 24 Jul Aggressor I 5
19 - 26 Jul Darwin Buddy 14
August 2014
03- 10 Aug Galapagos Sky Group only
07- 14 Aug Aggressor I 14
09 - 16 Aug Darwin Buddy 6
10 - 17 Aug Galapagos Sky 7
14 - 21 Aug Aggressor I 8
16 - 23 Aug Darwin Buddy 12
16 - 23 Aug Wolf Buddy 10
17 - 24 Aug Galapagos Sky 11
23 - 30 Aug Darwin Buddy 10
24 - 31 Aug Galapagos Sky 6
25 Aug - 01 Sep Humboldt Explorer 16
28 Aug - 04 Sep Aggressor I 8
September 2014
06 - 13 Sep Darwin Buddy 10
07 - 14 Sep Galapagos Sky 12
14 - 21 Sep Galapagos Sky 4
20 - 27 Sep Darwin Buddy 8
28 Sep - 05 Aug Galapagos Sky 10
October 2014
04 - 18 Oct 14 nights Darwin Buddy $9900 2
13 - 20 Oct Deep Blue 10
23 - 30 Oct Aggressor I 9
November 2014
03 - 10 Nov Humboldt Explorer 10
06 - 13 Nov Aggressor I 16
09 - 16 Nov Galapagos Sky 8
10 - 17 Nov Humboldt Explorer 2
17 - 24 Nov Deep Blue 8
17 - 24 Nov Humboldt Explorer 8
22 - 29 Nov Darwin Buddy 6
23 - 30 Nov Galapagos Sky 6
24 Nov - 01 Dec Deep Blue 16
27 Nov - 04 Dec Aggressor I 16
30 Nov - 07 Dec Galapagos Sky Group only
December 2014
01 - 08 Dec Deep Blue 16
04 - 11 Dec Aggressor I 16
06 - 13 Dec Darwin Buddy 16
07 - 14 Dec Galapagos Sky 19
08 - 15 Dec Deep Blue 16
11 - 18 Dec Aggressor I 16
14 - 21 Dec Galapagos Sky 22
15 - 22 Dec Deep Blue 16
18 - 25 Dec Aggressor I 16
20 - 27 Dec Wolf Buddy 16
20 - 27 Dec Darwin Buddy 16
21 - 28  Dec Galapagos Sky 32
22 - 29  Dec Humboldt Explorer 16
22 - 29  Dec Deep Blue 16
25 Dec - 01 Jan 2015 Aggressor I 16
27 Dec - 03 Jan 2015 Darwin Buddy 16
27 Dec - 10 Jan 2015 2wks Wolf Buddy $ 9900 4
28 Dec - 04 Jan 2015 Galapagos Sky 8
29 Dec - 05 Jan 2015 Deep Blue 16



Liveaboard Diving accommodation at The Galapagos Islands


MV Galapagos Sky (Former Sky Dancer)

sky dancer

MV Galapagos Sky, (former Sky Dancer Peter Hughes fleet), is a 30m yacht accommodating up to 16 guests in 8 luxurious staterooms. All staterooms have a window view, air-conditioning and en-suite bathroom with daily fresh linen. A crew of eight are there to offer superb service at all times. Sky Dancer boasts comfortable sun decks and saloon where guests can relax after all dives taking in the magnificent scenery. The dive platform is spacious and well equipped with individual preparation and storage space, plus a couple of showers and a water fountain.

- Dives taken from MK V Zodiac dive tenders.
- Two dive masters will attend all dives; a Naturalist guide and dive professional approved by the National Park.
- Spacious dive platform with freshwater showers.
- Tanks and weights are provided, compressed in-place air fills.
- Speciality dive courses are available.
- Dive gear available for hire.
- Camera and video rental available, daily E6 processing.
- Fresh daily towels and toiletries.
- An array of international cuisine for all meals and snacks.
- Complete entertainment centre, including video, monitor, projector, tape deck, CD and radio. The crew will show slides and videos.
- Satellite phone.
- 7 and 10 night cruises from January to July and late October to December.

MV Galapagos Sky Rates

MV Galapagos Sky - Galapagos






Jun. 1, 2012 to Dec. 31, 2013

7 Nights

$ 5395

$ 5195

Jun. 1, 2012 to Dec. 31, 2013 

10 Nights

$ 7550

$ 7350

Jun. 1, 2012 to Dec. 31, 2013

14 Nights

$ 9990

$ 9590

Plus Galapagos National Park Fee $100, Transit Card Tax $10,Recompression Chamber Support $35. Single occupancy add 65%


Master Stateroom cabins 1-4 are located on the Dolphin deck and have two twin beds (that can be joined together), private facilities, window view, mirrored cabinet, wardrobe, bathrobes, hairdryer, biodegradeble toiletries, fresh towels daily, air conditioning and volume controls.

Deluxe Stateroom cabins 5-8 are located on the Iguana deck and have two twin beds, private facilities, Port light view, mirrored cabinet, wardrobe, bathrobes, hairdryer, biodegradeble toiletries, fresh towels daily, air conditioning and volume controls.

All rates are per person on a share basis in US dollars and subject to change without prior notice. Same gender willing to share requests are available on either master or deluxe cabins. Single passengers who prefer not to share with a same -gender passenger, must pay an additional 65% supplement fee on the published cabin fare.

Rates include: Cabin accommodation, all meals, snacks, beverages (including Beer and Wine with Dinner), air or nitrox filled tanks, weights, weight belt, up to 3 dives per day on 5.5 days for 7-night cruises/ 8.5 days of diving on 10 night cruises, 2 land excursions, service of naturalist guides/ dive masters, transfers in the Islands between airport and dock (on cruise dates), all other Galapagos Sky services and amenities.

Rates do not include: Trip interruption or Cancellation Insurance, International airfare to Ecuador, Domestic Airfare to the Galapagos Islands, Galapagos National Park entrance fee ($100), Transit card ($10) hyperbaric chamber fee ($35), gratuities to guides and crew, purchases at the boutique, Nitrox course, dive gear equipment rentals, underwater photo course or camera equipment.



Prices for diving The Galapagos Islands


The Aggressor I and II are stunning 30m yachts that were built in 1992 and have since been overhauled in 2000. Each accommodates 14 passengers in seven bright and spacious double staterooms, all benefit from controlled air conditioning, en-suite bathroom with hot water shower and fresh linen.

There is a comfortable dining saloon and several sun terraces for guests to relax on between and after dives. The onboard chef boasts an array of native seafood and international cuisine to suit all tastes and quell those post-dive hunger pangs! These powerful yachts boast large dive platforms with individual preparation space and gear storage.

Inclusions for all cruises
- Accommodation aboard the vessel.
- Diving.
- Compressed air tanks, weights & weight belts.
- Airport transfers on day of arrival and departure.
- All meals and snacks.
- Non-alcoholic and local alcoholic beverages.

Aggressor I and II

Galapagos Islands - Aggressors Prices Deluxe Master
June 7, 2012 - January 3, 2013 $5195 $5395
January 3, 2013 - January 2, 2014 $5195 $5395
January 2, 2014 - January 1, 2015 $5195 $5395
January 1, 2015 - January 7, 2016 $5195 $5395
January 3, 2013 - January 2, 2014 - 10 nights $7420 $7130
January 3, 2013 - January 2, 2014 - 11 nights $7850 $7535

Rates are per person, double occupancy, All prices quoted in US Dollars and will be calculated to Sterling or Euros equivalent at time of booking. Rates are subject to change without notice.

Master suite staterooms are larger and have one double bed (king on Bay Islands), couples preferred. Deluxe staterooms have one double bed and one single bunk. Twin staterooms have two single bunks, singles preferred. Quad staterooms have four single bunks, singles preferred.

• Accommodations aboard the vessel
• Diving
• Compressed air tanks, weights & weight belts
• Airport transfers on day of arrival and departure
• All meals and snacks, non-alcoholic and local alcoholic beverages
• (We are happy to accommodate most special dietary requests)

• Airfare
• Insurance
• Equipment rentals
• Nitrox fills
• Certification or specialty courses
• Hotel stays or day rooms
• Dinner on final evening
• Crew gratuity
• Government & Port taxes or park fees (when applicable)

• A discount applies to non-divers
• A discount applies to consecutive charters
• When multiple discounts apply, only the most generous offer can be applied to the charter rate.
• Custom designed itineraries available on whole boat charters. Book a full charter and we'll give one to two free places.
• Diving World also offers tour packages for extended stays.

If you would like assistance with your air itinerary, don't hesitate to contact Diving World on + 44 20 7407 0019, or email surf@diving-world.com



- Professionally arranged dive platform with individual preparation space and storage. Freshwater showers and rinsing tanks.
- Inflatable ocean-going 12- passenger life raft and 2 passenger inflatables.
- Tanks are filled in-place with either air or nitrox between dives.
- A full line of rental scuba gear is available on board.
- Diving certification and specialty courses including nitrox certification available.
- E-6 photo lab, camera rinse tank, fountain, and three-tiered, carpeted camera table.
- Full line of rental camera equipment, editing equipment for videographers.
- Delicious meals and in-between dive snacks.
- Entertainment centre, including TV, VCR, DVD, stereo and CD player.
- Computer with email facilities and satellite phone.
- Slide projector, screen and light tables.
- Hot-tub on deck.
- Seven night cruises departing every Thursday.
- 3 dives per day, plus 1 or 2 land trips.





Diving World offers liveaboard accommodation mainly onboard the Aggressors I & II and Galapagos Sky. Other vessels available.

Accommodation aboard the vessel, diving, compressed air tanks, weights & weight belts, airport transfers on day of arrival and departure, all meals and snacks, non-alcoholic and local alcoholic beverages.

Liveaboard diving with 4/5 dives a day. Nitrox diving, night diving and more.

Basic packages from £2995 (inclusions as stated above). Air fares and airport taxes extra.



The Galapagos Islands have a sub-tropical climate with two seasons the rainy season and the dry season. The rainy season is from November to June. March and April are generally considered the best months for visiting the islands; when the weather is warm, the winds are light, the sea is calm, and the birds are nesting.

After April the weather becomes cooler. July to November marks the dry season. Temperatures become cooler and the skies cloudier although it seldom rains. Water temperatures drop to 70º F (21ºC) or below and the winds can make the water choppy. A sweater or jacket may be necessary on cloudy days and at night.

We can arrange all the flights whether they are direct from the UK or connecting flights from abroad. If you are interested in The Galapagos Islands, please contact us and we will find the best flights available at the time of booking.

No visa required for British / EEC Nationals at present.

Prices start at £3200 for 7 nights on liveaboard  International flights and domestic flights are an additional cost. Special offers available at lower rates. Please call.

A few Dive sites...

Cousins island
This Galapagos dive site is on the northwest side of Santiago Island; and this dive site includes diving on walls, slopes and ledges.  Here you will see a wall full of Galapagos ‘endemic’ species, black coral with lots of life on it, sleeping Green Sea Turtles and the biggest Sea Horse of the Pacific - more than 10 inches long.  You are likely to encounter small schools of Hammerhead Sharks, Eagle Rays and very often-Pacific Barracudas; but for sure, one of the most incredible experiences will be seeing playful Sea Lions together with Fur Seals.

 Wolf Island   This Galapagos Islands dive site is one of the main attractions for us as divers, these two islands are the highlight of any Galapagos diving trip, It is an overnight 14-hour navigation to get to Wolf and Darwin Islands, considered the best diving in the Galapagos islands, some say in the entire world... as you approach Wolf island the boat will be surrounded by the big Pods of Dolphins that seem to be residents to the Island.  Wolf is a very small island with high cliffs full of bird life: such as red footed boobies, Great Frigate Birds, Swallow Tailed Gulls, Nazca Boobies & Terns.  The underwater topography is either boulder slopes or walls that offer the most outstanding number of tropical fish of the Galapagos waters. This island, along with Darwin, are magnets for Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks which normally have a lot of parasites, and the fish from the slopes will swim to the Hammerheads and remove and eat their parasites.  Wolf and Darwin islands are cleaning stations and feeding stations for all fish, big and small including Amberjacks, Whale sharks, Trumpet and Coronet fish, Butterfly fish, Tangs and Marbled rays.  Rocky cliffs reach below the surface of the water, the unusual currents that are found in these nutrient rich waters make the site as unpredictable as it is exciting.  Amazing diving here! 

 Darwin Island  This Galapagos Islands dive site is the main attraction for us as divers, these two islands are the highlight of any Galapagos dive trip, Darwin is even smaller than Wolf and a further 3 hours sailing time,  it is here that you find the beautiful arch formation, appropriately named ‘Darwin’s Arch’.  It is from Darwin island & Darwin's Arch that I chose the name for this website, from July-December encounters with the biggest fish of the ocean, the Whale shark, can almost be guaranteed.  The Whale Sharks here are Big!  no...  VERY BIG!  Next time you look at a London bus.... well these Whale Sharks are bigger than the bus...  just to give you some idea of BIG. There is just about anything you want to see here, large schools of Hammerhead sharks, Galapagos sharks, Silky sharks, Manta rays, Blue spotted jacks, Rainbow runners, Streamer hogfish, Spotted Morays, Sea turtles, Hawksbill turtles, Bottle nose dolphins, Sailfish... simply some of the best diving in the world.You can literally see anything here...  almost all the main species of Great Whales inhabit or visit these waters and that includes Killer Whales.  

 Roca Redonda 
This Galapagos dive site is located off the north-western tip of Isabela Island, is the tip of an active volcano that rises several thousand feet from the sea floor and emerges from the water as an island.  Bubbles of hydrogen sulfide percolate through the sandy bottom as proof of the ongoing volcanic activity here.  At an average depth of 60 feet, this diving site is sometimes considered a difficult diving experience because of strong currents and heavy surge.  At this site you can observe Sea lions, Scalloped Hammerheads, Yellow tailed surgeon fish, Galapagos grunts, and even Whale sharks. Other fish forms include red and dog snappers, amber jacks, pacific barracudas, tuna fish, groupers, scorpion fish, rays and several species of eels.  This is one of the few sites where you will see cold-water fish swimming side by side with warm water fish.   

Punta Vicente Roca
This Galapagos dive site is one of THE BEST dive sites... in the day at the right time of year this place has lots and lots of Sunfish... It  is a wall dive that will take you in and out of a shallow cave with a big variety of invertebrates ranging from sponges to octopus, red lipped batfish, frogfish, sea horses and port Jackson sharks.  This will be the only chance to get a free ‘manicure’ given by the hinge-beak prawns.  In the night time it  is the sleeping place of lots of huge Green Turtles in the overhangs on the wall, it will also be the scariest night dive that you have ever done!!!  due to the fact that you will have Sea lions whizzing around you and hunting by the light of your torch - This dive site will long remain in your memory.... it is certainly one of my favourites!!! 

 Gordon Rocks This Galapagos dive site is off the east coast of the Island of Santa Cruz is considered to be one of the best diving sites of the central group of islands. The rocky conditions are made up of a volcanic crater that is about 300 feet across and you can dive on all sides of the crater, both inside and out: it is an excellent example of an eroded ‘tuff’ cone.  At 90 feet you can find a colony of burrowing garden eels on the sandy bottom alongside Hammerheads, Stingrays, White-Tipped Sharks, Sea Lions, Moray Eels, Horse Conches, Sea Turtles, Rays, large Jacks Groupers, and Snappers.

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