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worldwide diving

Diving Holidays and Liveaboards to Bali, Komodo and Raja Ampat Irian Jaya, Indonesia

diving komodoBali and Komodo are situated in the Lesser Sunda Islands (otherwise known as Nusa Tenggara) which is a west - east stretching chain of smaller islands located towards the southeastern tip of the Indonesian Archipelago.

The reefs stretching alongside Nusa Tenggara are mostly well preserved and are vibrant, colourful reefs teeming with an incredible variety of reef fish and invertebrates. Larger pelagics are often spotted amongst the reef fish, including turtles, White-tip and Black-tip Reef Sharks, dolphins and occasional pods of Pilot Whales. Much of the reef is within shallow water allowing maximum bottom time to explore the crevices and bommies that adorn this region.

Moving eastwards from Bali is the island of Satonda, the reef here gently descends to a sandy seabed and is adorned in a variety of hard and soft corals, sponges and sea fans. Divers can explore ravines and caverns for nudibranchs in every colour, decorator crabs and shrimps of every type, a macro-photographers paradise! Sandy Chute at Satonda has an exquisite bommie that is shrouded in a wall of reef fish, the Nusa Tenggara region is recognised for approximately 1,000 fish species and over 250 reef building corals, many can be seen here at Sandy Chute.

The diversity of marine species increases as you move eastwards, taking in Gili Banta you may encounter a number of reef sharks, rays and turtles swimming amongst the mass of reef fish. The coral formations at Gili Lawa Laut are home to a number of pelagics and small critters displaying the vast diversity of this region.

Within Komodo National Park the dive sites include Larry's Yellow Wall, an exquisite parallel yellow-clad wall that you can dive in-between, taking in the corals in every shade of yellow, invertebrates and reef fish at close proximity. The pinnacle, Cannibal Rock within Horseshoe Bay, rises to within a few metres of the surface and is covered in hard and soft corals and Sea Fans, if you look closely enough you may have the pleasure of seeing the rare and elusive Pygmy Seahorse. Larger creatures are also attracted to the pinnacle, tuna and oceanic jacks can be spotted formidably scanning the reef.

Within South Komodo is a site famous for its Manta Rays, Toro Langkoi with its imposing underwater rock formations is often a home for these magnificent creatures. At the other end of the size-scale crinoids, nudibranchs and critters are most common within the waters of Sangeang, it is still an active volcano that recently spewed lava into the seas creating warm offshore springs teeming with new life.


Liveaboard Diving Programme, Indonesia

Sample itineraries for the Komodo Dancer:

The Komodo Dancer offers 11 Day / 10 Night cruises featuring an enhanced itinerary that allows guests more time diving, more time in the signature area of the Komodo National Park and an opportunity to explore the newly discovered area of the Sangeang Islands. To achieve this, each sailing of the Komodo Dancer will start from Labuan Bajo Flores allowing more time to dive the Komodo region.

Sample Bali to Komodo Itinerary- 11 day itinerary from when arriving on the boat ( our departures take into account flight days and a stopover in Bali after the long international flight)

The Komodo dancer covers the Lesser Sunda Islands region of Indonesia . Starting from Bali and heading east, we visit the dive sites at Satonda, Sangeang, Banta, and of course mainly The Komodo National Park. Itineraries may change because of weather and sea conditions.

Pre-Embarkation Day: International Arrival at Bali Airport (DPS)

Transfer from airport to a hotel in Bali- Check into Bali Hotel

Day 1 (Embark)

Transfer from hotel to board Komodo Dancer.

All day cruising and relaxing while sailing to Satonda.

Day 2 Three Dives at Satonda

Day 3-8 Four dives a day in Komodo National Park

Day 9 & 10 Four dives at Sangeang Island featuring black sand diving.

Day 11 (Disembark)

Transfer from Komodo Dancer to Labuan Bajo Airport (LBJ)

Fly from Flores Island to Bali.

Arrive Bali and transfer to hotel.

Post Disembarkation Day

Transfer from hotel to Bali Airport (DPS).

International Departure for home.

 Sample Komodo to Bali Itinerary

Pre-Embarkation Day: Arrive In Bali.

Transfer from airport to a hotel in Bali - Check into Bali Hotel.

Day 1 (Embark)

Transfer from hotel to Bali Airport (DPS)

Fly from Bali to Labuan Bajo Airport (LBJ) in Flores Island.

Transfer to Komodo Dancer from airport.

Embark Komodo Dancer in early afternoon.

Depart Flores Island and check-out dive.

Day 2 Four dives at Sangeang Island featuring black sand diving.

Day 3-8 Four dives a day in Komodo National Park.

Day 9 & 10 Three Dives at Satonda.

Afternoon and overnight cruise relaxing while sailing to Bali.

Day 11 (Disembark)

Arrive in Bali in the morning.

Transfer from Komodo Dancer to Bali

Airport or a hotel in Bali.

(Optional) Evening International Departure for home.

(Optional) Land Tours if staying over in Bali,

Post Disembarkation Day

Transfer from hotel in Bali to Bali Airport (DPS).

International Departure for home.



The Alor Archipelago

The Komodo Dancer’s ‘’East of Flores’’ itinerary allows the adventurous diver to explore the Islands of the remote Alor Archipelago. These Islands are surrounded by pristine blue waters with easily accessible reefs, drop-offs, caves and valleys that are teaming with healthy corals that span the colour spectrum and create the perfect environment for underwater exploration. The currents that flow through the straits which connect the Banda and Savu Seas create thrilling drift dives that attract large animals such as whales, tuna, sharks (including hammerheads), giant groupers, eagle and manta rays, napoleon wrasse, schools of big eye jacks, mola mola and other pelagic fish. In the Pantar Strait between Alor and Pantar pilot-whales and dolphins are common as they pass between the Islands during their seasonal migration to the Pacific Ocean.

On the quiet tranquil reefs that surround the Islands, literally hundreds of species of fish play hide and seek with divers as they dart in and out of the colourful soft and hard corals just waiting for divers to swim by and identify.

Vocanic in nature, sand and rubble areas create the perfect environment for black sand diving allowing divers and underwater photographers to unlock a goldmine of fascinating creatures. 

Cruising topside is just as picturesque as these small rugged Islands are dominated by jagged mountains and steep valleys. A trip ashore will introduce guests to the local culture, steeped in tradition and provide the opportunity to purchase some of the best Ikat weaving in eastern Indonesia. Due to its remote location, a lack of infrastructure on land keeps tourism and development limited while the adoption of sustainable fishing practices has allowed the marine environment to flourish.

The Alor region is recognised as some of the best ‘unknown’ diving in Asia and is surrounded by clear water where the visibility can reach more than 40 meters, with the water temperature reaching up to 28 degrees on the reefs.


SY Pindito

The MV Pindito offers cruises to the Komodo National park and to Irian Jaya (Raja Ampat), as well as an awesome adventure-diving tour, which lies in between these two regions, twice a year. Pindito's experience of the region goes back to 15 years and has cruised Raja Ampat years before any other liveaboard was there. The Swiss owners guarantee a unique combination of comfort and the ambience of the characteristically Indonesian way.

Recent renovations have ensured that Pindito remains the first choice for diving the remote waters of Indonesia. Dates are booked years in advance. Pindito was launched in the Indonesian Sea in March 1992. After many years and thousands of dives, Edi, Pindito's skipper/owner and his crew have gained unrivalled knowledge of the best dive sites in Eastern Indonesia, namely West Papua (Raja Ampat), the Moluccas, Nusa Tenggara and Bali / Komodo. Their expertise and dedication to this beautiful region guarantees an unforgettable liveaboard experience.

The Vessel
Pindito has all the lines of a classic wooden sailing vessel. The wooden and traditional constructions of the Pindito emboss the cosy and familiar atmosphere on board. The infrastructure ensures comfortable living for all guests. The lounge is air-conditioned and spacious. The succulent cuisine is influenced by international and above all Indonesian (or Asian) dishes. Breakfast is served in two servings. A little breakfast before the first dive, with the main breakfast-buffet ready after your first dive of the day.
Lunch and dinner are always a highlight and are mainly influenced by Indonesian or Chinese cuisine.  Meats and fish dishes with different side-orders separately are always available and vegetarians catered for. Desserts and Sweets as a special treat for everyone. In between dives the crew serves biscuits and cakes and other snacks. You will never go hungry.
At any time you can have tea, coffee or a cool drink out of the fridge. Drinking water is available all the time too. After the last dive you may enjoy alcoholic drinks for free (except wine, which has to be paid on board).

Accommodation on board
4 double and 4 twin cabins are spacious, have their own private bathrooms, and individual controlled aircondition units. Each cabin is individually furnished to a high standard using the best local materials. On board hygiene is observed at all times. All comfortable and cosy cabins have individual air-conditioning, have several 220 volt sockets, separate toilet, shower and a washbasin.

Diving Services
The diving is organised from one of the 4 Zodiacs. The Crew carries your gear from the motrher vessel onto the zodiacs, so all you need to do is show up for the dive! Pindito diving instructors and dive guides look after a safe and comfortable diving operation. All dives are guided for safety and comfort reasons.
During the last 15 years their Safety Record has been 100%! The on board diving centre has the following equipment: 2 Bauer compressors (Mariner) as well as a Nitrox-Membran-Filling station (NITROX for free!), 3 zodiacs (pro 500RL), forty 10-Liter tanks with DIN/INT monoplugs, twenty weight belts, BCDs, regulators, lamps, masks and fins for 4 divers. A First-Aid-Kit as well as many other tools to provide perfect service in case of emergency are on bo, ard.
Underwater photographers and Videographers have access to on board computers to perfect your digital records and burn your shots on CDs or DVDs (please bring your own blank CDs and DVDs along!).

A Typical Diving Day
After our nourishing breakfast the assembled dive equipment is carried to the zodiacs by the crew, so you’ll never be hassled by hauling around your gear. After a short ride by zodiacs, you’ll dive into the undersea world. Throughout the whole dive the zodiacs will accompany you for comfort and safety reasons, which are both highest priorities. Back on the Pindito, refreshing drinks and delicious snacks await. Exchange your diving experiences, while sipping a cool drink and watching the videos and pictures taken during your last dive. Usually four dives a day are scheduled: the first one in the early morning (about 07.30 am), the second in the late morning, the third in the afternoon (about 02.30 pm), and after dinner you can go for an exciting night dive. All dives are always dependent on the weather. On the day of arrival and departure there are no dives on the program for safety reasons and no alcoholic beverages are served before the last dive of the day!

The place where everybody meets and where meals are served. It is also where you can watch the best pictures and video of the day. Games are also available as well as well stacked library of books and DVD's.

Dive & Sundeck
The Pindito is 33 meters long and 8,5 meters wide vessel, and offers lots of comfort and space on board. Briefings, and the whole diving operation leave room for those who would rather stay on board relaxing in deckchairs.

The Pindito bow is a popular place on board to get together, have a cool drink and enjoy the splendid sun sets and chat with the other guests.


The Komodo Dragon route. Komodo Island and national park reserve offers just about every type of tropical diving imaginable - from calm and colourful shallow reefs alive with hundreds of colourful reef fishes and crammed with invertebrates, to current-swept deep water sea mounts, walls and pinnacles patrolled by sharks, tuna and other big fish.

The variety of marine life for scuba diving in Komodo rivals the world's best dive destinations. This is the world's epicentre for marine diversity and you'll see loads of stuff here on a diving cruise that you just won't see anywhere else in the world - From whale sharks, sunfish, mantas and eagle rays to pygmy seahorses, ornate ghost pipefish, clown frogfish, nudibranchs and blue-ringed octopus - all at home amongst a spectacular range of colourful sponges, sea squirts, tunicates and corals - a macro enthusiast's heaven.

The Raja Ampat route will show you an abundance of the undersea world coupled with unforgettable landscapes unique to our planet. Its beauty will carry you away. A myriad of isles pushed up throughout thousands of years with breathtaking scenery will amaze even the most season traveller and explorer. Everywhere you come across caves, or caverns, rocks as big as cathedrals, over hangs that all together improve the dramatic sight of these awesome landscapes. Misool is one of the places on earth where you encounter the most diverse species of fish, hard and soft corals, sponges, worms, nudibranches, shrimps and crabs and all kind of non-vertebrates, like cuttlefish and octopus. You will come across the wobbegong shark and epaulet sharks, endemic to the region. Giant clams as well as fantastic tiny shells are only a few of the species that make this itinerary an underwater photographers paradise. The Pindito crew has sailed this region since 1992 and have acquired unrivalled knowledge of the Islands, the channels and the reef systems, and still each trip never ceases to amaze them.


Pindito’s Komodo Dragons Cruise. 11 Nights itinerary. Highlights: A perfect combination of diving highlights encompassing large and small creatures and the inimidating Komodo Dragon. Since 1991 this area is officially declared a World Heritage Site, one of the largest protected zones on earth. The uncountable isles around Rinca, Padar, and Komodo act like a barrage between two big oceans. Tides create currents; as a result we have an incredible variety of fish, corals and invertebrates. Pindito’s Raja Ampat itinerary. 11 Nights itinerary Highlights: Large creatures: Orcas, Mantas, Sharks. Small creatures: An abundance of species. Coral quality: One of the best on the planet. The Pindito team has unrivalled knowledge of the area, its people and its nature and tend not to give too much information about the diving itineraries keeping its secrets a prize for their Guests.

Day 1, Bali The Pindito provides transfers from any hotel in South Bali to the vessel and welcomes you on board at 11:00 AM in Benoa Harbor, South East Bali. As soon as all guests are on board the Pindito is ready to leave the harbour. You will be introduced to the crew members and shown around.
Pindito heads off towards Lombok. Take this opportunity to enjoy Bali’s famous sunsets while enjoying a drink on deck. Dinner will be served whilst cruising towards our first destination, Satonda north of Sumbawa.

Day 2, Satonda, North Sumbawa After a light breakfast you check dive at the calm shores of Satonda. After this full breakfast will be served. Satonda, an island which has both surface and underwater treats. Today’s diving will take place in this spectacular area, including the night dive. If you wish, a short walk can be taken to the brackish lake where locals believe wishes come true. Right after sunset there are thousands of fruit bats lifting off from Satonda Island towards Sumbawa; a spectacle in its own. After the night dive lift anchor and depart towards Komodo National Park.

Day 3, Banta The vegetation has changed dramatically. A rough and dry landscape is the new scenery. The peaceful bays of Banta Island, and an enormous variety of fish life under water. A special spot called "Critters" offer a full menu of rare creatures. After dinner, you will sail towards the next incredible destination, Rinca.

Day 4, Rinca, Komodo National Park After a night cruise to the sheltered waters of Horseshoe Bay, Rinca Island, you will spend the whole day diving in this area. These dive sites are famous for their diversity in marine life. Between dives guests can explore the lonely beach by going for a walk or with through binoculars. Wild boars, monkeys and the odd Komodo dragon are the highlights.

Day 5, Komodo National Park Another day diving in Horseshoe Bay area is scheduled. You will be taken to new incredible dive spots and be able to dive the already explored favourites. Enjoy relaxing cocktails and learn about the marine species from our vast library of identification books in between dives. Lift anchor late at night to move towards the village of Komodo for your "Dragon Adventures" the following morning.

Day 6, Komodo National Park Pindito welcomes you to the famous Komodo Island early this morning. After breakfast, a park ranger will escort you on a 4.5 km walk. You can see the Komodo Dragons sunbathing and soaking the sun from very, very close range, (a scary and challenging experience you will never forget). Komodo National Park is the only habitat on earth where the dragons still exist. After lunch, you will spend the rest of the afternoon diving this incredible area. Dinner will be served on board.

Day 7/8, Komodo National Park What else should be scheduled but more diving in this fantastic region? You will visit islands such as Padar, Tatawa, and Rinca. Gili Lawa Laut, Gili Makaser. Between lunch and dinner, you will be offered as many dives as possible. Cruising through this spectacular area, both above water and below will prove an unforgettable experience. At midnight, lift anchor and move to Sangeang Island.

Day 9, Sangeang At Sangeang the stunning volcanic Island offers some of the best dive sites in the region. You spend the entire day diving around this incredible place to make sure nothing will be missed. Lunch will be served on board whilst the Pindito sails to another beautiful bay. The night will be spent in the area of Sangeang.

Day 10, North East Sumbawa Diving around Sangeang! Lunch and dinner are served on board. As an alternative to diving you may visit the village of Sangeang, where the locals build the Pinisih vessels in their traditional way. You can see how the Indonesian carpenters work on these wooden vessels right on the beach.

Day 11, Moyo Island, north Sumbawa You reach the Island of Moyo early this morning. Moyo is a nature reserve with many species of rare birds; the monkeys on the island play host to an concerto of responsible for the acoustic background sounds. After the last dive the Pindito lifts anchor cruises northern of Lombok towards Bali. On your way back the Captain hosts a farewell party on deck with the crew singing traditional songs and dance the Boco Boco!

Day 12, South East Bali Harbour of Benoa, South East Bali, 8.00 am. The end of this cruise. After breakfast you get ready for check out and the Pindito organises the transfer back to the airport or a Hotel.

We say goodbye to you! Hoping to have you on board the Pindito again!


Day 1 Pick up at the airport of Sorong followed by a short private transfer to the peer where you board Pindito. As soon as all guests are on board the Pindito is ready to leave the harbour. You will be introduced to the crew members given an orientation of the vessel. Dinner will be served around 06.00 pm.

Day 2 Misool; after breakfast the first dive around 08.00 am. The spot is a calm and relaxing place, allowing you get used to the region. After this first check-dive you have the second part of your nourishing breakfast. At 11.00 am you head to another dive spot called ‘Vrenelies Gärtli’ which has become legendary on the Pindito. Over hangs, huge grottoes and dive troughs, drop offs and all covered in fantastic corals are what makes this place so great. Lunch is served at 12.30 pm and you’ll have time to relax until 3.00 pm to get back to ‘Vrenelies Gärtli’. After this dive you explore the wonderful scenery by zodiacs, matched only by what you have seen under water. Dinner will be ready at 6.00 pm and at 8.00 pm you get ready again for your night dive.

Day 3 The Pindito will continue to cruise southwards to the group of isles called ‘Fabiajet’. Picturesque landscapes and wonderful reefs await. The abundance of corals with sponges and fish is nearly unbeatable. You will be offered several dives at the same spots, since they have so much to offer. Theses masses of fish swimming around wonderful coral gardens make an impressive view and will satisfy every diver’s dreams. You will come across precious macro as well: nudibranches, sea horses, barramundi and lots more. For the night dive the Pindito will anchor in a very calm and shallow place with hardly any current, but loads of nudibranches, pipe fishes, cuttle dish, ghost pipefish.

Day 4 & 5 Today Pindito heads eastwards towards ‘Wayl Batan’, a little island with beautiful reefs full of life with a topographically interesting landscape. Great schools of fish as well as pygmy seahorses will be encountered. Here you will also see Barracudas, batfish and snappers in the open blue. With the powerful sunshine breaking through the water the rocks, covered in colourful corals present a breathtaking sight. The night dives will be at the same place as the dives during the day, comparing the different creatures.

Day 6 Overnight the Pindito will reach Misool. Here an excursion is offered by zodiac that will last all day. Impressive tombstones of the natives will be on the schedule. This excursion will take you 20 km through a fantastic island labyrinth, where you manoeuvre through channels and gorges with Pindito’s fast zodiacs. You will walk through caves on land as well as visit caves only accessible by zodiac observing tiny bats sheltered from the sunlight and asleep during the day. The last cave that you explore is as big as a cathedral. Those who wish can skip this excursion and just laze on board or dive some more. The dives will be done close to where the Pindito is anchored. Sometimes the visibility is bad and there is a pretty strong current, but of course the underwater world is as tempting as all others in the region.

Day 7 In Waigeo, Sel Pele you have get the chance to visit a pearl farm. Depending on where they stand with the pearl production you will be invited to have a closer look on how the pearls are harvested. This activity takes place after diving some more amazing sites with gorgonia and a plethora of marine life.

Day 8 Eagle Rock is just around the corner and is completely different to what you have seen so far. The stand alone rocks in the middle of the sea are always worth a picture or two with splendid visibility, white beaches and black coral gardens; here sweetlips, batfish and different kinds of rays are encountred. And since it is such a fantastic area above and under water you head back to the bay of Sel Pele in the afternoon.

Day 9 Around the island of ‘Jef Fam’ you will have the opportunity to see the wobbegong and epaulet sharks, which are unique to this region. The reef, which seems as if it dressed up in RED offers breathtaking scenery and will make all divers’ dreams come true.

Day 10 ‘Dampeerstret’, the channel between Waigeo and Batanta Island gives the chance to encounter manta rays. Two dives will be done west of Mansuar Island where a "fish soup" and a fantastic reef await. The night dive will be south of Mansuar island and is typical of the diving in the region with so many species, colours and in abundance.

Day 11 Before heading back to Sorong you will dive at ‘Kri’ and ‘Sardinriff’. In Sorong Pindito throws a captain’s party on deck with the crew singing traditional songs and dance the Boco Boco!

Day 12 Sorong and the end of this cruise with the transfer back to the airport of Sorong and say goodbye.


The Komodo Dancer Liveaboard


The newest addition to the Peter Hughes Fleet is the Komodo Dancer, a traditionally crafted, twin mast wooden motor sailor stretching 30m in length and accommodating up to 16 passengers. This beautiful yacht has 8 staterooms all with private en-suite bathroom, 2 Deluxe Staterooms are located on the dolphin deck each having a queensize bed with single bunk above, there are 5 Staterooms with single bunk beds and finally the Owner's Suite on the Lido deck with queensize bed and picture windows offering magnificent views. All cabins are equipped with built in hairdryer and fresh towels and toiletries are provided daily.

At the stern of the main deck is a spacious dive platform fully equipped with water fountain, mask defogging station, weight belt area and shower - fresh towels are provided following each dive. For the avid underwater photographer there is a multi-tiered photo table and E6 processing is carried out every night. Camera and video rental is available on board and light tables and professional assistance is readily at hand.

A crew of 8 offers superb service from waking you up with fresh coffee to bringing you hot towels following a night dive. They provide an array of international cuisine throughout your stay, breakfast is cooked to order, lunch is often buffet style and dinner is waiter served. Wine is served with dinner and after-dinner drinks are always offered. Both mid-morning and mid afternoon freshly prepared snacks are provided throughout your stay. There are two sundecks onboard for relaxing following dives or from which to watch the beautiful sunsets and the interior salon is luxurious for both dining and relaxing.

The Komodo Dancer operates both 7 and 11 night cruises leaving from Benoa Harbour in Bali. The first day of diving is usually spent at Satonda Island before heading out to the Gili Isles and then on towards Komodo. The last couple of days are spent at both Banta Island and Sangeang Island. For those passengers aboard the 11 night cruises a couple of extra days are spent at the Gili Isles and Komodo. With all cruises land excursions are available to search for the famous Komodo Dragons.

Wooden fitted, Twin-mast motor sailor,
30m in length, 9m wide.
Accommodates up to 16 passengers within 8 deluxe cabins.
2 sundecks and spacious salon.
Individual stateroom air conditioning.
Private en-suite heads and showers.
Daily E-6 processing available.
Government Sales Tax included.
Up to five dives daily.
Filled tanks, weights and weightbelt are included.
Camera and video rental available.
Speciality courses including, PADI Advanced Open Water, IANTD, TDI and PADI Nitrox Certification, Rebreather Certification, and Paul Humaan Fish and Creature Identification.
Dive equipment is available for rental.
Nitrox dive facilities.

A typical day on board:

The morning

The day begins at around 6:30 am with a pre dive snack of fresh croissants, tea or coffee, assorted fruits and cereals. Before the first dive the dining room steward will take your order for the main fully cooked breakfast. We gear up for the first dive of the day around 7:30.

The day

The entire day is dedicated to scuba diving unless we are steaming to a new dive site or have a shore expedition planned. There is often a chance to go ashore if the tender boats are available, just ask the live aboard crew to take you.

Daily activities on the live aboard are signalled by a bell, as a rule of thumb when the bell rings and your hair is dry it's time to dive and if your hair is wet it's time to eat.

Lunch is usually served around 12:30 after the second dive. It usually consists of a combination of cold cuts, cheeses, fresh rolls, and warm Indonesian dishes.

About 2:30 it is time for the third dive of the day, which is followed by afternoon tea served on the rear lounge deck. Depending on our location we may have time for a fourth day dive for those with the extra energy.

Between dives you can enjoy a massage or just relax on the sundecks, the shady rear lounge deck or in the air conditioned salon.

The evening

The last dive of the day is usually a night dive and should not be missed as it offers a chance to see some of the most unusual reef critters in the world.

About 8:00 the bell rings for dinner which is served by the stewards in the main salon. Two nights during the cruise we move our tables and serve dinner under the stars on the bridge deck.

After dinner you can relax in the main salon and watch a video on the modern entertainment system, read a book from the extensive library, relax under the stars on the top deck or just retire to your cabin.

During the cruise there is a talk and slide show about the marine biodiversity of the region given by one of the dive staff.


SY Siren

Description :

The 34 metre S/Y Siren (formerly known as the Sampai Jumpa Lagi) is a traditional Indonesian ‘gaft-rigged Phinisi’ handcrafted from ironwood and teak. She has been custom-made with all the luxury facilities for the modern diver. In particular, this luxury vessel has specialized for the Underwater Photographer and Videographer

Aboard the S/Y Siren accommodates up to 16 guests aboard each trip. This ensures abundant space for all guests. However, she has the facilities and ample room to host up to 18 guests on special charters.

Features of the S/Y Siren include:

  • 7 sails
  • An expansive leisure deck area
  • A spacious air-conditioned saloon with cocktail bar, 42 inch flatscreen & computer server supporting the inter-cabin network
  • covered outdoor dining area
  • 8 large air-conditioned cabins each with their own personal computer, audio-visual entertainment system and en-suite bathrooms with hot water. All rooms are lavished with luxury extra’s including bathrobes, hair dryers, towels, individually controlled mood lighting and individual controls for your air-conditioning unit.
  • For the preference of our guests the yacht has 1 double cabin at the stern, another double cabin with an additional single bed (ideal for families) at the bow, two twin cabins where one of the beds can be made into a double, a further two twin cabins and two cabins with three single beds
  • Laundry Service
  • Massage Service
  • Yacht Boutique, where you can purchase souvenir merchandise, including towels, hats, log books, t-shirts, shorts and lighters and more
  • Enriched Air Nitrox is free for all certified Nirox divers. If you are not a certified Nitrox diver the instructors can offer courses
  • 2 high-powered Zodiacs accompany the S/Y Siren
  • Waterskiing and Wakeboarding
  • Kayaks
  • Fishing Tackle

Specialized features for Underwater Photographers & Videographers include:

  • Each cabin is fitted with an individual computer and multiple power sources to facilitate the needs of digital photography. The computer features high-end specifications and 20” high-definition flatscreens, which is integrated with the yachts network server in the saloon
  • Workstations for the preparation and maintenance of cameras including prep and storage areas
  • Large rinsing tanks with fresh water changed three times daily


Departures and prices for diving liveaboards in Indonesia
Please call us on 0207 407 0019 or email surf@diving-world.com for up to date prices and the departure schedules.







Diving World offers liveaboard accommodation  onboard the Komodo Dancer, Pindito, Siren and more.

UK Prices include stopver 4* hotel, transfers, airport taxes, liveaboard, accommodation, full board and all beverages (including alcoholic).

Liveaboard diving with 4/5 dives a day. PADI courses available, nitrox diving, night diving and more.

Prices start from £2095 for 10 nights with diving



From April to October , dry southeast trade winds from Australia bring very little moisture to the area. From January to February, the northwest monsoon comes in from Asia.  The wind brings moisture with it, but most of the moisture is dropped over west Indonesia before it reaches the park.

The highest annual temperature in the park is 43 degrees Celsius, the minimum is 17 degrees Celsius. November is the hottest month of the year with the hottest part of the day around noon when Komodo dragons seek the shade.

Malaysia Airlines or Singapore Airlines


Passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 (six) months as from the date of entry into Indonesia.

Onward or return tickets are compulsory. No compulsory vaccinations. Apply for visa before departure. It takes 2 days to get one.

We offer a range of packages and can combine with diving on Bali (USAT LIBERTY WRECK). Please email or call for tailor made information.

A few Dive sites...

500 hectares of marine waters making it one of the largest protected zones on the planet. The number and variety of islands which include Rinca, Padar, Komodo and several smaller isles, combined with current, wave action and wind exposure, result in an incredible variety of coastal and marine habitats.

komodo island & marine park

The Komodo National Park encompasses 132,00

as everything from majestic manta rays, schooling jacks, barracudas and tuna to pigmy seahorses, nudibranchs, ghostpipe fish, and an incredible amounts of crustaceans . Scuba divers can expect to see something new on each dive whilst often encountering a new species while diving in Komodo National Park.

Alor Island

The Alor Island regency, comprises two main islands Pantar and Alor. The diving here is top notch.

The water's are rich with varied reef profiles; walls, seamounts, rocky outcrops, and pristine coral-reefs. An array of marine species including sea horses, ghostpipes, wonderpus', mimic octupus' and hairy frogfish inhabit the area..

Visiblity is clear, waters warm and the density of divers is minimal. Alor is perfect tropical scuba diving destination.

Irian Jaya & Raja Ampat Islands

Irian Jaya's land and marine parks are designated conservation areas yielding the highest fish and coral count of any sea. Marine biodiversity is evident everywhere on all the reefs. With over 3000 recorded fish species; including dolphins, dugong, hawksbill, green and leatherback turtles (who lay their eggs in Irian Jaya) as well as unique flora and fauna on land, this is quite a destination above and below water..

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