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Diving Holidays to Saudi Arabia, Red Sea


During his first exploration of the Red Sea the legendary underwater explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau observed about the shorelines of Saudi Arabia and Sudan - "Life abounds in bank after bank of exuberant coral structures, second only to those of the Great Barrier Reef in extent and exceeding it perhaps in splendour. Here there is deep clarity, blazing colour, and active fauna living under the most arid and least populated of coasts". For years cloaked in secrecy, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has exploded on to the tourist track. International Cultural Tourism has been evident for many years with groups coming from Japan, America and Europe. Saudi Arabia is now realising a national heritage and opening sustained dive tourism. Our Saudi Arabia dive trips are from Liveaboards and proving to be a great success. This is as a result of spectacular diving with newly discovered dive sites and an abundance of large pelagic activity both on our Yanbu and Farasan Banks itineraries, with several species of sharks including silkies, oceanics and tigers, as well as giant mantas.

It has been said that Saudi Arabia is one of diving's last frontiers, and it is a fact that very few westerners have ever been able to dive here. The appeal of diving almost untouched, barely explored reefs is undeniable. With an incredible variety of marine life and some of the most flourishing coral reefs to be found anywhere in the world - it is no wonder that so many famous explorers have dived here.

The Red Sea is rated as one of the top ten diving destinations in the world. Egypt, Sudan and Jordan offer fantastic diving, but how many of you have dived the Saudi Arabian Red Sea? How many of you know anyone who has? Without question, many if not most of the outer reefs in that region have never been dived. The diversity of marine life and fauna along the reefs really are quite exquisite and offer the diver a high quality and extremely memorable diving experience.

We have relocated two luxury class vessels from the Egyptian Red Sea Saudi Arabian waters, MY Suzanna I and MY Miss Veena.


Liveaboards in Saudi Arabia, Red Sea


Suzanna I is famous for it's high quality in Red Sea cruising. Following the success of Miss Veena and increase in demand we also relocated one of the best established Red Sea Liveaboards from Egypt to dive the pristine Saudi Arabia sites. MY Suzanna was one of the first Liveaboards to set a new standard of luxury in the Red Sea able to withstand ocean crossings in security and comfort. Her elegant design is robust and provides ample space for comfortable on-board living. This vessel offers ample space with large sundecks and roomy dive platform with easy access onto her 2 zodiacs. The spacious cabins have beds side-by-side, and there are also double bed suites, a dining area with 4 tables, and a relaxation area with audio/video facilities and bar. Externally there is a bar area with tables and sofas, ample and spacious sun-deck areas both forward and rear, and a very pleasant shaded upper deck. Her ability to cruise at a speed of 14 knots will get you to dive sites quickly while her 8 meters beam will ensure a smooth ride. Suzanna is Nitrox equipped.

Guest Capacity: 22

Accommodation: 8 Twin berths cabins (beds side by side). 4 Double bed suites.

Itinerary Farasan Banks and Yanbu

Technical Data
Length: 36 m
Breadth: 8 m
Crusing Speed: 14 Knots
Fuel tanks: 20 tons
Engines: 2 x 700 HP CAT
Water tanks: 2 tons
Desalinator: 150 ltr/h
Generators: 2 x 90 kW Stamegna silent
Electrical power: 24 - 220 V
Navigation Instruments: 2 double pulse Radar 36/48 nautical miles, 2 echo sounders, 2 GPS colour LCD sounders, 1 chartplotter, 3 Radiotel, HF, SSB, G.P.S.; VHF; ecosounder; radar
Safety: Oxygen kit; first aid & 2 liferafts.

8 twin berth cabins side by side; 4 double berth cabin, all have air conditioning
Washrooms: 3 below deck + 1 above deck all with shower heads
Living area: Spacious living / salon; satellite TV; video; CD.

Tanks: 35 x 12 lt aluminium universal DIN/INT
Compressors: 2 Bauer Mariner 200 lt/minute. NITROX: 1 Bauer Nitrox Membrane system, 4 filling stations.
Tenders: 2 Zodiac Humber Heavy Duty each with a mercury 40HP outboard.





Guest Capacity: 20

Accommodation: 8 Twin berths cabins (beds side by side). 2 Double bed suites.

Itinerary Farasan Banks and Yanbu

Technical Data
Length: 34 m
Breadth: 7,5 m
Crusing Speed: 16 Knots
Fuel tanks: 20 tons
Engines: 2 x MAN 1100 HP
Water tanks: 80 tons
Desalinator: 2 x 4.6tons/day
Generators: 3 Onan 60 kW, 45 KW & 25 kW
Electrical power: 24 - 220 V
Navigation Instruments: 2 double pulse Radar 36/48 nautical miles, 2 echo sounders, 2 GPS colour LCD sounders, 1 chartplotter, 3 Radiotel, HF, SSB, G.P.S.; VHF; ecosounder; radar
Safety: Oxygen kit; first aid & 2 liferafts

20 guests in 8 double cabins and 2 suite, all with ensuite toilet and separate climate controls in each room, Dining room and bar, TV, video, sound system. Sun-deck with bar, Ice Maker, photo/video batteries recharging area 
Living area: Spacious living / salon; satellite TV; video; CD

Tanks: 30 aluminium tanks 12 lt.  Din/Int.
Compressors: 2 Bauer Mariner - 1 Bauer K14
Tender: 2 zodiac WAF 5 mt with 40 hp outboard
Safety equipment: Oxygen kit - first aid - 2 life-rafts - Full fire fighting and alarm system .



Diving holiday departures, Saudi Arabia (Red Sea)

Departures 2012


Diving holiday liveaboard Prices, Saudi Arabia: Red Sea

Prices start at  £1650 per person for one week. All prices are per person –Saudi Arabian Airlines return flights. Full board accommodation on liveaboard - 5 1/2 days diving on board (incl 3 tanks, guide diver).

Diving sites in Saudi Arabia


The city of Yanbu al Bahar , which in Arabic means “Yanbu by the Sea”, is located 300km North of Jeddah, on the same longitude as the Zabargad Islands in Egypt . Leaving the port of El Sharm several dive sites located in the stretch of sea between Al Hasani Island, north of Yanbu and Sha’ah al Abjad in the South can be reached. 8 miles to the West is the Gotha el Sharm reef , a first taste of this untouched sea with its magnificent coral sculptures still intact. Close by, on the north side of the reef one can dive on the wreck of the Shouna. The epicentre of the cruise is the Seen Reefs complex, found approx. 27 miles from the departure port. Sha’ab al Markeb , Abu Sulul , Mansi , Tawil , Abu Galawa , Shabarir and Testes; each has its own unique characteristics but all have in common the spectacular surroundings and strong presence of large pelagic fish. These dives are considered to be among the best the Red Sea has to offer, clear waters, intact coral, steep walls and many pelagic fish that are becoming used to the presence of man. Numerous hammerhead, longimanus, white and grey sharks swim freely and undisturbed in these waters. The cruise continues towards the northern reefs and the dives sites of sha’ab Gurush , sha’ab Suflani and sha’ab Sadiki , true coral atolls emerging from the blue depths. Dives around here are exceptional and the untouched atolls provide a fitting backdrop.



The Farasan archipelago is made up of a vast coral bank comprising a multitude of reefs and islands extending from south Jeddah up to the coast of Yemen. The Saudi part of the Farasan is divided into two areas called Farasan Banks and the Farasan Archipelago. The Banks are made up of small islands and a multitude of reefs most of which rise above the surface. The port of Al Lith, located 230 km south of Jeddah, is the departure point, and after a journey of approximately 3 hours the first dive sites are reached; small white sand islands alternate with semi-submerged reefs. Real volcanic cones rise up with vertical walls and depths of around 500 metres, upon which are formed islands such as Mar Mar, which apart from offering splendid dives is also the stopover point for the night. The islands of Dohra, al Jadir, Malothu and the Gorgonia, Bandu and Long reefs are nearby. 25 miles south is sha’ab Ammar, a horseshoe shaped reef, also used as a night stopover point. A few miles to the south are the Jabbara and Mudar reefs, setting the scene for spectacular dives. Common characteristics of these sites are the incredible variety of hard coral found on the peaks and the large quantity of fish found in the currents. On descending, one can observe the passage of large pelagic fish, including the much admired tiger shark. Colourful Canyon reef closes this tour of the twilight zone. Before returning to port there is a stop on the mountainous Abu Latt island, to view the breathtaking natural scenery.




On board the Dream Voyager Liveaboard

Prices include flights, transfers, airport taxes, accommodation, full board and diving as stated.

Liveaboard diving. This trip encompasses some of the best kept reefs in the world...

Price from £1850pp for a weeks diving.



Summer is hot with temperatures in some areas reaching 49°C (120°F). Winter is cooler with an average temperature of 23°C (74°F) in Jeddah and 14°C (58°F) in Riyadh. With sea breezes, the climate is very similar to diving in Egyptian Red Sea waters.


Flights: Saudi Arabian Airlines. Departures every Friday from London Heathrow or Manchester to Jeddah. Business class seats available.

Attaining visas to Saudi Arabia is by exclusive arrangement with the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs for our Liveaboards only and cannot be used for any other purpose or stay in the Kingdom. Please call for more information concerning visa regulation.

Prices start at around £1650 per person for one week. All prices are per person –Saudi Arabian Airlines return flights. Full board accommodation on liveaboard - 5 1/2 days diving on board (incl  tanks, guide diver).
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