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- Sister island to Tahiti in the Society Archipelago.
- rotective crystal blue, opalescent lagoon.
- Over 500 species of reef fish.
- Dive and observe the frenzied shark feeding sessions.


Moorea Diving , French Polynesia: An Introduction

tahitiMoorea is probably one of the most beautiful Islands in the World; located just 17km south of Papeete across the romantically named Sea of Moons and was originally thought of as being the dorsal fin to Tahiti. The island covers an area of 53 square miles and is a long sierra of broken pinnacles and jagged crags, all densely covered in lush rainforest.

The underwater world varies greatly around Moorea, it has a protective opalescent lagoon with many open passes through to the surrounding deep blue ocean. The lagoon is inviting by being calm and clear and is home to a vast variety of fish and sea crustaceans in all colours imaginable. It has been reported that nearly 500 species of fish live around the Tahitian islands and a great many of them can be seen here at Moorea.

Beyond the reef awaits the deeper ocean where a variety of sharks await; Black-tip Reef Sharks, Lemon Sharks and Grey Sharks patrol the area amongst barracuda, tuna, jacks and triggerfish to name but a few. The stunning backdrop of the colourful reef teeming with smaller reef fish only heightens the beauty of these impressive pelagics.

A major activity that takes place on the reefs of Moorea is shark feeding, this has developed to an extreme over the years but due to the experience and care taken it's arguably safe. Essentially it involves taking a large fish carcass down to shark depths and after several sharks have gathered (they are now well accustomed to this) cutting the carcass and hand feeding the sharks. It's a controlled feeding frenzy that as a diver you get to experience from a safe distance, you will not be able to participate in the actual feeding. It is a unique encounter and for lovers of sharks you will get to see numerous reef sharks, usually between 1 and 2 metres in length, and Lemon Sharks that can be up to 3.5 metres in length.



Diving in Moorea, French Polynesia

Currently, French Polynesia is not well known in the scuba world, but that is what you will enjoy about it. With fewer divers it is easier to preserve this little paradise...just for you.

Actually, French Polynesia is the ideal spot for all levels of scuba divers. There are dive locations for the beginner inside the lagoon and more technical ones outside the reef. The visibility is very good in all locations ; however as anywhere else it is dependent on factors outside our control such as weather and currents.

Diving is excellent year round which means that there is no "best" season for scuba diving in French Polynesia. We have both a dry and a rainy season. The rainy season is during the Tahitian summer which lasts from December until February, and typically involves rain in the morning with sun in the afternoon.

What You'll See

If you enjoy seeing big fish this is the place to be. Sharks, sharks, and more sharks.

Tahiti was rated shark capital of the Pacific by Skin Diver magazine and it definitely lives up to its rating. Lemon, grey, black tip, white tip, and hammerhead sharks all make the waters around Tahiti their home.

The waters of Bora Bora are also home to the graceful manta rays. We are very lucky here, as we can see them inside the lagoon which means the dive location is perfect for divers with little experience, as the maximum depth is 60 feet.

To get the most enjoyment out of diving with the big fish it is important to not touch or swim towards them. Instead, when you see one swimming towards you, stay calm, keep your arms close to your body and try to make as few movements and bubbles as possible. You should try to stay out of their direct path so that they don't have to swim around you. If you are careful you can follow them after they have passed, but they are fast and you will rapidly run out of breath if you try to keep up for too long.



Accommodation on Moorea, French Polynesia

The Moorea Pearl Beach Resort is the latest of luxury hotels in Moorea, only opening in June 2002. It is situated on 21 acres of white beachfront with a backdrop of either lush tropical flora or the south Pacific. It is conveniently close to both arrival points, the airport and boat landing, and just two miles from the magnificent Cook's Bay.

This traditional Polynesian style hotel offers a range of accommodation, there are 30 garden rooms and suites, or for those guests that prefer a little more seclusion there are the bungalows; 28 overwater bungalows, 9 beach bungalows and 28 garden bungalows. The full range of accommodation is fitted with either ceiling fans or air-conditioning, a sundeck and all modern conveniences. The overwater bungalows are unique in that they feature glass bottomed tables from which the aquatic life can be observed without getting wet, a large sundeck and seating area with direct access to the crystal lagoon water.

One of French Polynesia's finest resorts, the Beachcomber Inter-Continental combines luxury and casual elegance with an exceptionally high level of comfort. Located amongst tropical gardens on the edge of the turquoise waters of the lagoon guests can chose from a range of accommodation, there are 50 air-conditioned rooms, and 95 spacious beach, garden and overwater bungalows, all with separate sitting room and bedroom. The hotel also offers a 'kids club' allowing the parents time alone whilst in the safe knowledge that their children are being taken care of in a supervised and fun environment.

One of the features exclusive to the Beachcomber Inter-Continental Resort is the world famous Dolphin Quest where you can experience the grace and beauty of dolphins as you play with them in the pristine waters of the lagoon. There are a host of activities organised by the hotel that will enable guests to explore the full beauty of Moorea by foot, horseback, 4wd jeep or helicopter. The water activities are endless too and an exhilarating time can be had on jet-ski's, water-skiing, sailboats, cruises, fishing, island tours and of course scuba diving.

The Sheraton Hotel Moorea is nestled between Cook's Bay and Oponohu Bay, embracing a white sandy beach along a crystal clear turquoise lagoon. For the traveller in search of refinement and escape on this mythical island, which Captain Cook made famous, the Sheraton Hotel is amongst the most luxurious of resorts. The resort only provides accommodation in the traditional bungalows, either set among the lush tropical garden or above the water of the lagoon where you can dip your toes in the warm water from your sundeck. All bungalows are decorated in Polynesian style and are made of the finest exotic wood, all are equipped with the conveniences expected. The hotel offers a choice of cuisine from its two restaurants, the Arii Vahine presents tasty French or International cuisine combined with local flavours, or the Rotui Grill offers a wide variety of fresh meats and fish grilled to perfection. There are various bars throughout the complex and theme parties and traditional Polynesian shows are scheduled throughout the week.

There are a range of activities to suit all guests with the most predominant being the water activities. Snorkelling equipment, outrigger canoes, pedal boats and kayaks are provided at no cost or jet-skiing, parasailing and fishing can be enjoyed and charged to your room.

Bordered by a white sand beach this is the only hotel on the east coast of Moorea that offers magnificent views across the South Pacific to Tahiti. Traditional Polynesian bungalows are scattered amongst the 14 tropical acres of luxurious flora, along the white sand beaches and over the turquoise waters of the lagoon. All bungalows offer natural comforts in wood and bamboo, with exotic flowers arranged by the staff for your arrival. There are 43 beach bungalows of which 10 are deluxe, 47 situated in the garden and 20 overwater bungalows, all are spacious and have private terrace.

In being in a fairly remote part of Moorea the Sofitel Coralia Ia Ora has all the amenities and facilities a guest could desire. There are 2 restaurants offering a variation of foods, and bars serving a wide variety of cocktails during and after the ubiquitous happy hour. Evening entertainment of Tahitian feasts, local music and dance shows are scheduled throughout the week, during the day guests may use the tennis courts, swimming pool and acres of private beach or participate in any of the watersports or land excursions organised.







A choice of luxury accommodation in 4* and 5* hotels

Prices include flights, transfers, airport taxes, accommodation, FB and diving. Non-diver packages available

Boat diving. Diving World prides itself by offering boat diving packages that have access to lagoons and more elaborate dive sites.

Please contact us for a quote. We can arrange land only based holidays and those which include flights as well.



The water temperature ranges from 77 degrees during the winter to 86 degrees during the summer. Many divers here dive without a wet suit, but we suggest you dive with one to keep from getting chilly (a 3mm short wet suit should keep you plenty warm).


Air New Zealand B747

Depart: Heathrow/Manchester Wed/Fri/Sun PM

Return: Heathrow/Manchester

Mon/Thu/Sat AM Flight time approx 20 hours

Economy Class Seat pitch 34 inches

Flight requires change of aircraft at Los Angeles
Domestic flights on Air Tahiti & Air Moorea
Departures also available from Heathrow on Virgin Atlantic connecting.


Only French citizens can enter French Polynesia without a passport and the visa requirements are much the same as for France itself. Western European, Scandinavian and Australian citizens are allowed to stay for up to three months without a visa.

Liveaboard prices quoted at the bottom of this page. For land based packages and flight prices, please contact us and we will compose a price for the holiday.
TIKI Point
Ocean dive
Max depth: 20 m - 25 meters for exploration
Sharks and fishes; good spot for whales or dolphins watching.

Taotoi Pass
Drift only dive 2 min.
Moorage depth: No moorage
Max depth: 20 meters
A chance to see something new on each dive, this is a remarkable dive site..

The White Valley
Ocean dive - Drift dive
Max depth: 25 meters

Papetoai Ocean

Ocean dive
Max depth: 25 meters

The Rays Corridor
Lagoon dive - Drift dive
Max depth: 5 to 20 m.
Ideal spot for young children, beginners, lessons or for refresher dives. Beautiful coral, reef fish and much more...

Opunohu Canyons
Ocean dive
Max depth: 27 meters

Opunohu Ocean
Ocean dive
Max depth: 25 meters
Lemon sharks, tropical reef fish and a popular shark feeding area.

The Rose Garden
Ocean dive - Drift dive
Max depth: 40 meters
For the experienced diver only...big corals...big sharks and totally unique.

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